Color. Point. Form. Space. Line. Texture. Value.
The eight elements of art, and the cornerstones of all artistic vision.
Here at Claremont Machine, we are moving forward to becoming the ninth element, bridging the gap between the imagination of the designer and the practicality of a mechanic.
Located in Claremont California, Claremont Machine was a concept born from the difficulties our founder had in bringing his designs into the real world. Though he possessed a firm understanding of the eight elements of art, he could not act on that understanding with his limited manufacturing knowledge at the time.
During the early years of his career, he searched for methods to create models of what he had envisioned. However, the manufacturing processes that are taken granted for today hadn’t taken root as they have now. Frustrated, but still committed to seeing his visions brought through to the end, he sought to forge connections that would allow artistic individuals like himself to express their imagination in the real world freely.

Thus, Claremont Machine was born.

services we provide
In our early years, our production methods were limited in scope.
Nonetheless, even with only injection molding and sheet metal fabrication methods, we were able to grow and expand our business, proving our prototypes’ reliability and quality to our clients. Now with over a decade of experience under our belts, we’ve been able to expand our understanding of production methods.
We can now offer the most cutting-edge manufacturing methods ranging from CNC machining and even 3D printing.

Claremont Machine is always striving to maintain our position as a quality manufacturer.

With that vision in mind, we cultivate a diverse number of partnerships with manufacturers around the world. From Germany to Japan, we obtain the best mechanical technologies so that we are always on the cutting edge of manufacturing processes.
Like-minded individuals gather under our organization, ensuring that we can encompass the full scope of your project and exceed your expectations.