Claremont Machine is a company that understands that new ideas come from every industry. We know the importance of testing out those new concepts in the real world and provide the best quality prototypes for our clients. Our lean manufacturing technology only ensures the reduction of waste throughout the process and maintains the level of quality that we have always strived to meet.The number of industries that we can produce for is vast and includes hardware, appliances, automotive, construction, dental, electrical, medical, furniture, solar, green building, and much more.
portfolio: metal cable gland
ISO 9001 Certified Company
  • RoHS Certified
  • CE Marked
  • PAHS Certified
  • IP68 Certified
Thread Specification
  • Series: PG7
  • Temperature: -40 °C to 100 °C
  • Material: Copper
Product Features
  • Waterproof
  • Strong Tensile Strength
  • Easy Installation
  • Fixed Head
Keeping your electrical wiring secure is essential in any situation, be it in the medical, construction, or automotive industry. This metal cable gland was designed with those requirements in mind, and thanks to our advanced manufacturing techniques, we were able to notonly meet these specifications, but surpass them. Capable of sealing aware delicate and critical wiring in the face of dust, dirt, or liquids and flawlessly remain functional in both extremely low and high temperatures. This easily installable metal cable gland is everything that you could wantand need.